So I got the to big things I wanted to get done on my boat over the winter done before the snow even started flying here in Northern MN! Now I'm thinking I'm just going to finish up the audio upgrade this off season by doing the speakers now too! What does everyone think about the Polk Db651s? I'm staying away from tower speakers since I'm not to big of a fan of them! Just looking for great cabin speakers. I will be installing a 12" Kicker in the next few weeks here when I get a box built. I'll post pics when I get her all done and cleaned up for the folks looking for Ideas because I really appreciated it when I was trying to figure out what I was going to do. It's alot easier seeing someone elses successful endevour and building off their ideas!!!! Durable cabin speakers are my quandry!!!! what do you all think???

So Far accomplished/Installed>>>>>>>

***Kenwood KMR-700U
***Kenwood KCA-107 remote