the changes in life, in 2005 we went to disney land, i got bronchitis and only rode 4 rides in 3 days. after the visits to the Dr. they decided i had high blood pressure and cholesterol. i thought i was too young to have that stuff so i started running.

i found i was not content with a 5k, 10k etc. tomorrow i will run my first 100. i had planned to do this last August, but family matters prevented that.

so i am just posting to let you know that i will do it, to give myself a little more pressure to go the whole way, to make myself a little more accountable to finish. planning to make this in about 21 hours. i presume i can type after, but likely not walk.

so give me a cheer at 9:00am mtn time when the race starts, maybe another 1 or 2 along the way, i think ill need a little caffeine some time in there as well. much of the race will be along a reservoir, i doubt many will be riding, but i'll wave to them, and wish it was me.