ha ha - man this sounds so familiar.... Like deja-vu! Fellas (Bret and Ryan), we have the exact same hull. I was "in your boat" on what to do as well for months.

Our hulls are not very tall and therefore storage is a premium. Going with reversibles I'd want to know exactly where the dealer plans to mount them. One way or another you're giving up precious space going that route. Aerators, while not perfect either, are not near as space consuming. Adding a sprinkler valve setup with aerators would kill space savings though. Probably add cost, kill efficiency, etc. as well. I'd insist on all individual pumps on the aerator plan. Although it would be tight you can get more thru hulls into the bilge area of this boat. Would take some careful measuring and crafty pump mounting but it definitely can be done.

Nothing wrong with going on the cheap doing the manual route to start with either. You may end up changing your mind 10 times before it's over. I put in a 12v plug right above the rear cupholder next to the rear speaker. To the right of it and facing forward rather than outward if you can picture that. It was easy to mount, easy to wire, and no cutting through fiberglass to do it. You almost wouldn't know it's there unless you go looking for it. Also protected from the elements in that location. I added a light to my tower as well but left the old receptacle in the back "just in case". I personally would rather be in the boat to plug/unplug things than having to climb to the farthest point of the back. Especially if you have the engine cover open for filling the rear bags - which you will. These big one piece covers are a no-go to climb around then they're open - like to unplug the pump when the bag is full.

Never know - you may end up meeting some other boaters along the way and making friends with someone who would be willing to help you do the ballast DIY and save a ton of money in the process. As long as you're not in a hurry, makes for a good winter/spring project.