Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Kurt Backus owner of Atlanta Marine . Atlanta marine is ranked #1 in the US by Skiers Choice. Anybody that has had dealings with them knows why. Anyway the subject of hosting an owners reunion came up and he was very interested since they have multiple locations on the water at lake Lanier GA. I need your input to start planning this event.

1- Head count would you be interested in attending?
2- Dates when would be best for all? I was thinking spring 2012.
3- Location ? I was thinking of making it a weekend camping event at Van Pugh state park just down the channel from Hideaway Bay and Atlanta Marine.
4- Cost? How much would be an acceptable attendance fee to help cover food ,drink and raffle prizes? I was thinking 10-20 dollars per person.
I have attended the owners reunions hosted by Ultimate Wake Fox lake IL. they were always a great time.
Any help or input would be appreciated.

Mike Hunter