Always looking for cool peeps to hit the lake with us. We usually hit Lake Anderson in Morgan Hill, CA. We try to go during the week as there is much less traffic (It's a smaller lake, but great during the week.). It is a deep reservoir so it makes a nice wave and the water settles down quick. We usually surf since I have a bad back and cannot wakeboard much anymore. We still do wakeboard/skate/whatever anytime someone wants to. Everybody we know just works all the time, seems to be the culture here for people to have more than one full time job... We are from Texas originally and don't believe in working more than one job, even if it means we have to sleep at a homeless shelter so we can afford to pay for indoor storage and gas for the boat. I never ask for gas money the first time out, it is up to you after that if you wanna go again and chip in a little for some go juice that's great. We have a good cooler so just bring your own towels and beer if you want it. I don't drink much but could care less if anybody else wants to. Anyway, hit me up if anyone wants to meet up before it gets to cold to be enjoyable.