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    Default Position of Exile SXT65 -- Question for you???

    I ordered only one set of Exile SXT65's back in the spring. I didn't drill any new holes and kind of did a temporary mount. Being extremely pleased with these speakers I have since ordered a second pair. I'm starting to get things ready for my install. The biggest question I have right now has to do with positioning them on the tower. I noticed a few guys on here have mounted all 4 of theirs almost equidistant from each other. I think I might like the look better if they were arranged in a more "podlike" fashion with the two on each side closer to each other and further from the opposite pair. So the question I have is what difference does it make? Is it better to physically separate the 2 channels a little bit? Or is it better to try to make an even "field" if you will? Or is it simply a matter of what looks better by personal preference? Thanks for any help on this.

    The pic below (thanks, Al) shows a pretty even placement for example.
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