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Hey Mandley,
Definitely no hate for your post, you made some solid points that we can all learn from. However (for the record).....A few of the presumptions you made are not at all correct. These very points make me feel a bit screwed that the dirtbags chose me.

#1) I have never, repeat NEVER cranked the system while in my driveway (not even once!). In fact, the system has only been run at or near max volume 1 time on land period, and that was at the install shop 165 miles from where I live. I rarely if ever even play it at home because my neighbors are elderly (and because I don't want people knowing what I have). I honestly do not flaunt the system.

#2) I always always disconnect my XM7s and tuck them away inside in a safe spot. I even disconnect them if the boat is going to sit at a !restaurant parking lot, friends house, etc...for just a few hours. I am really not a flaunting kind of guy! (and I have a touch of paranoia about keeping the boat stereo safe).

One point I will concede is that this was not a random hit. Our neighborhood has had an unfortunate rash of theft and car prowls over the past few weeks. In fact, 4 houses were hit on the same night my stuff was taken. The bastards are methodically casing and hitting people that have valuables. The job was definitely done by someone who knew what they were doing and had planned the job.

Anyway, I digress. What's done is done. Hopefully the @$$holes get whats coming to them. I'm a firm believer in karma.
I hear ya bro and i wasnt pointing a finger at you for not having the quick release, as a matter a fack i know exactly whats in your boat lol. I am almost certain when you were thinking of having your Exile system done Brian added in a quote/ fee for me to come pick up your boat and redeliver it to you but you and him worked out a different deal. Not positive that was you but pretty sure lol.

Yea i can say i dont always remove my speakers, now i have 6 of them. At my last house we always removed them due to lowering the tower and putting her in the garage. Now that we have the new house and an RV pad i dont always remove them. The bolts are so tight it takes a wrench to remove them and it helps that theres only 18 houses in my section. Less then 2000 people in my whole town now.

It really does suck this happened to you and i would never wish this to happen to anyone.