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    Quote Originally Posted by mnpracing View Post
    Yikes, thanks for the update. I do NOT like that design...
    my guess is they do it like this because the platform is installed after the most of the boat is together and thus that area is no accessable to put a nut and bolt. i kind of like it because if it were a nut and bolt then im sure i would be taking on water right now

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    I have just noticed that 2 of my lower screws broke on the right hand swim platform bracket. Seems to me this is either a design flaw or a manufacturing issue. I only have 40hrs on my 2012 Mojo after two season(yes, weak), I wouldnt expect this to fail so early.

    Any chance this would be covered under warrenty?

    I think I might just remove the remaining broken screw and epoxy a new one it. Anyone know the length of the original screw?
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    I ended up taking my lower screws out to check for water in the hull. Per the suggestion of Moomba tech support I put boat life life seal calking in the holes and on the screws. Stuff works great and no leaks. Epoxy is great but you put it on the threads the new screws you will not be able to take them off in the future. Unless you want to remove the entire bracket and epoxy all the holes.
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    This happened to me also on my 12 Mojo after only a few weeks of ownership. Had to be repaired at the dealership under warranty. This is obviously a defect. I believe they had to remove the baslast pumps in the port locker and cut an access hole in the floor to make the repair. They did not plug the pumps in all the way when they replaced everything and it took me forever to figure out why one of my pumps was cutting out....
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