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Thread: My New Toy!!!!!

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    Now I know what all the talk is about. The new boat is one bad machine!!! We had the water test last Friday, and the boat has sat in the driveway since then, and let me say its hard to look at not in the water. Problem is that the temps here are in the 40s right now. One thing I did notice is that I too have the longer screws in the rear cushion. Ive never been on a boat that had so much power at holeshot!! Very impressive. If I get access to a digital camera I'll be sure to post some pictures of it.

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    Congrats. on the new boat, looking forward to seeing the pix. Sorry to hear about the temps. Please advise your dealer of the screw situation immediately, so when you take your boat in for the 20 hr. service, they can also render that issue. Keep us posted on your upcoming ventures. Brian Raymond

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