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    I know this is a long shot but the dealer wasn't any help except to tell me to possibly get on here to find something. I'm hoping that I can find someone interested in switching trailers. I have a single axle trailer and want a tandem. I contacted boatmate and found it is not practical to change it due to I would have to change both axles due to the axle rating. So I'm trying to see if there is someone who keeps there boat on a lift or doesn't tow far that might be interested in switching trailer. My single axle trailer and possibly cash for a tandem axle trailer. I just want the little bit of extra piece of mind when it comes to me towing my boat from Indiana down to Mississippi and Texas. That is a long ways to go on a single axle.
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    Another option is contact all the Moomba dealers around you see if they have a customer that keeps there boat in a slip or off trailer storage most of the time and they might be willing to do the same thing.

    The good thing about the single axle trailer is the axle is much stronger then the duels. Its rated around 6k where the duel is rated around 3.7k but your right about wanting a duel axle for long pulls. This is exactly why i made sure we got a duel axle trailer because i knew id be putting a lot of miles on my trailer.

    Another option but a bit of a stalking option is goto the local Marinas and see what trailers are stored for boats in slips and then track that owner down and proposition them. I know a bit creepy but the worst they will say is F off LOL.
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    this may not do you any good other than to know that something might be out there on Craigslist

    another idea is to get friendly with the local Moomba salesperson and if they sell a customer a boat who doesn't want a trailer, you pay the buyer for their trailer. Reason being is that the trailer is "worth" more than the credit the dealer gives if the buyer takes the boat without the trailer.

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