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    nice work mmobius i have been reading this as your been posting and had to keep refreshing to make sure you were done before i posted LOL. I like this idea and i will be doing it soon as my port side pad is walking out again.
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    Good Job! Thanks for the DIY. I don't need to replace mine yet, but I am glad to know where to look for info when i do.

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    I was told by a someone that a lot of manufacturers are not even using the pads anymore?

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    Default Thanks!

    Mmobius thanks for writing this up. Just did it the other night and it was very quick/easy to do thanks to your information.

    Much appreciated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dante View Post
    Need to have several tips for constructing a brand new Pc. Any recommendations for on line shopping pc parts ?


    well my question for this DIY..i have a few spider cracks and one nice crack on the gel coat from the tower..if i do this pad for under the tower and possibly the under side where the nuts are will this prevent any more cracks?
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    Can this also be used on the XLV? I need to replace my pads and do not want to wait on ordering if I can just go to Wal-Mart!!! Please let me know if anyone has used these on an XLV
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    I have not needed to swap out the pads but I see no reason why it would not work.

    I do have the same pads on the top surface of the boat to give people a target to hit with their feet when boarding the boat.ImageUploadedByTapatalk1342128884.995260.jpg
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    Good write up on the process however I posted those extact same traction pads a year or so ago & they lasted about 6 months before they started to "walk-out" like the OEM pads did. Hope yours last longer than mine.

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    Thanks for the write up on this one! I noticed ours are starting to walk out on our 2010. Probably something I will tackle in the off season. I appreciate the images and the step by step.
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    Default DIY: Tower Pad Swap Out

    Quote Originally Posted by mmobius2001 View Post
    Goto Walmart and goto there Towing section where they sell the hitches etc.

    Brand is Reeses and they come in a 2 pack for around $7

    they will probably be laying in a box just piled up

    How are these tower pads holding up for you? I need to do mine and trying to figure out what material to use. I have the rubber from the oem swim step that i removed still, so I may use that....
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