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Thread: New tv!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaneboats View Post
    By the way, how do you guys connect your netflix to the TV? Use a laptop with an HDMI? Do you have gigabite wired or are you using wireless? Thanks!
    a dvd or bluray with ethernet built in and netflix enabled, or use something like a WDTV, they are nice units and can also stream media from a NAS or usb hdd as well, I prefer that over a dvd/bluray but then again I am a techy guy and like to digitalize and store my media over a network on a central point.

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    I think I'm turning into one of those guys. Right now I'm trying to get all the notebooks around the house upgraded so I can properly use the wireless "N" on the router. But I'm also looking at other ideas with the network.
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