Some days on the lake idiots come out and cause problems.

Yesterday we had several of them. The first was everyone was floating in a cove to hide from the wind and swim. Some idiot in an expensive comp boat decided this was a great place to teach someone how to wakeboard. But wait that is not all they did it with full ballast and did power turns to pick up the person. I understand trying to find nice water but really learn to get up early and learn in the morning or evening or deal with the chop.
The second was at the boat ramp. At this boat ramp there is a short dock in between the ramps that is only long enough for a boat to use to get off the trailer and one that is pushed off to the side for people to use to tie up too and is long enough for 9 boats. The longer dock was not even close to being full but this 34 foot boat pulled up to the small dock blocking one of the ramps. If a boat is on this dock you cannot load or unload without hitting the boat. They pull their trailer down and cut off everyone in line to use the ramp since there boat was on this dock first. Everyone else in line was on the other dock or floating outside the area waiting for their tow rig that was in line. The bad thing is the police boat just pulled out not even 2 minutes before this happened.
Other than that I was able to get on the water and enjoy the day. Some good wakeboarding and was able to almost get a new person up on the wakeboard.