Well, our little one was feeling under the weather all weekend so we sucked it up and stayed home. A few weekends ago we took a trip down to the river to float and saw several of these things in tubes keeping the party going. I wanted to make one before we went but didn't have the chance. All the ones we looked at on the river were just slapped together, not a single one was dual function, they were all dedicated to the radio. That seemed ridiculous. So, I got it all stashed to one side, stole the wife's cutting board, glued and caulked it in, and sealed the front speakers up. We tested it out yesterday, it will hold a 12 pack, a few water bottles, some capri suns and enough ice to keep it cold all day! I played it about 5 hours straight yesterday, and it rocks. It's actually quite impressive how good the 4 speakers powered by that little dinky amp sound. I put an access hole on the side to run the aux. cord out so the phone or ipod doesnt have to stay in there if I don't want it to, otherwise, it can set on top of the little shelf on the cooler side. The best part...I had a little 1.5amp trickle charger so I strapped it right to the top so if the battery starts to get low we can just plug it right in!