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    The new arrival is ready for pickup!!! The day Ive been waiting for for a while. Any thoughts on Do's or Dont's for the on water test. Thanks

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    You might want to keep an eye on the bilge for water leaks. We had a few hose clamps that weren't quite tight enough. Also found a slice in the hose that goes from the bilge pump to outside the boat. (so every time the pump went on it just moved water from one part of the bilge to another- it was an easy splice though)

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    Congrats. on the new boat. If the dealer has done a thorough pre-delivery of the boat, you should not experience any of these issues. Have a service tech. along for the ride to also show you some dos and do nots, he can also explain some driveability features and preventative maintenance tips you should know, that the salesman may not. There may be times when you will have to deal with the tech. for warrantable or mechanical issues, that the salesperson may not be able to assist you with. These are the guys that know the boats inside and out, there is never a question to stupid to be answered. Hope this helps, keep us posted on the new arrival. Brian Raymond

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