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    Default want help with factory stereo

    I have the factory set up with a kenwood unit, an amp other the seat and 6 kicker speakers. the set up is fine for what i do, but i would like to hard wire an ipod dock near the drivers seat to plug in an ipod and play music through the boat stereo, is that an option?

    is there an inexpensive set up to do what i want and where do i go to get one?

    Also, if i ever found a great deal on tower speakers, could my exisiting set up run them adequately?


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    As for the I Pod hook up i would talk with Al Cab he has a remote setup like the one your asking about.

    As for the towers no you will at least need another amp. 6 speakers in the cabin is about all that current amp will handle.
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    Not sure which Kenwood unit you have, but I think most with ipod integration to the Factory Kenwood use this unit.

    This plugs into the back of the Kenwood HU and allows the HU to control the ipod once plugged in. It should list what it is compatible with.
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    That's cool.. I think i have the 242 Kenwood unit, searching the internet for an aftermarket wired remote, not just the Jerry rigged Moomba wired remotes that work 50% of the time... the 107mr remote won't work with it I know.
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