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    I should say, when I went to the Apple store I was honest with the guy, I said:

    "I was getting on my boat, dropped the phone in the water, and it sat there for like a minute. It still kind of works, but its sketchy. I want to know what my options are; I don't want to 'upgrade' right now because I plan to get the iPhone 5 on the release date, like I did with this phone"

    He came back a few minutes later and said "This is a huge exception, but my manager said we can replace it for you."

    I'm curious if they look up and see that I've had at least 6 iPhones between the 2 numbers on my plan and that I always buy when the new one comes out. Or maybe they looked at my iTunes purchase history, LOL!
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    I am sure they look at all of that.
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    Woooo Whoo HAHA yea buddy my IPhone 4 is as good as new. Claudia pluged it in last night and it charged and works like it was never in the lake. I talked to Al Cab today and he sounded as normal as Al can be hahah sorry Al had to dig at ya LOL. Took some pictures and the camera works normal and been texting people all afternoon. The super absorbent packets and baking in the sun for 2 afternoons dried her right out. Yea now i can use this one till the 5 comes out LOL.
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    ^^. Man that's incredible that it dried out and is working for ya. Water like what you had it in is sure to kill a phone most of the time. Hope this isn't a sign that ur gonna need your phone much longer cause of an iP5 delay or something

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    This thread cracks me up. We all are going through phone problems right now. My wife broke the charger on her first phone, so I had to buy her another one out of contract which did not make me happy. Well she left it in the back drivers side storage locker next to a ballast line that was not connected to a bag. At some point her phone and purse were pretty much filled with lake water from someone hitting the fill switch by accident.

    Then I am driving to Birmingham for work and as I was filling up on gas, I dropped my phone on the ground and broke the screen. So she is using an old phone with a cracked screen and I am as well. We are just going to have to deal with it, bc I cannot justify spending nearly 1K for freaking cell phones bc they are out of contract. Plus I just bought her a Samsung Galaxy tab for sitting around the house. And yes, her Otterbox is on the way.

    It's funny, I haven't paid for a cell phone besides hers in 6 years bc of work. My new job gives us $150 a month for a cell phone bill but it's up to us to buy one. Forgot how expensive they can be.
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