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    Does anyone have a good reference point for a bimin top. The XtremeTower that came OEM with my boat is no longer for sale as it appears that Monster tower bought them out. Either way I am looking for a bimini that was made for this specific tower and not a universal piece.

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    You can try posting a wanted ad in the classified section. Lots of times guys upgrade to the z-5 or monster and will sell the factory one that fits your model.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblom View Post
    I recently purchased a 2008 LSV and am wondering what the model nbrs/specs etc of the Kicker tower speakers that came from the factory. Right now I have 2 amps, a ZX200.4 that powers the 6 cabin speakers (KM620s?), and a ZX250.2 that powers the 4 tower speakers. The previos owner added 2 tower speakers to the original setup after he blew the 2 that came with the boat. I am by no means an audio expert but want to possibly add a sub to the system without spending a bunch of money... Thanks in advance for your help!
    Yo, Phil here-

    Sorry, I have been on the road up in Sturgis at the rally and cell phone coverage is not so hot. Did not get to check in from the road.

    I looked at your pics and your tower speakers are the KM620.2. the current version of that speaker is the KM6250.2, which uses a larger tweeter. Unfortunately the newer tweeter will not fit in the older tweeter mount. Are you looking to replace the Kicker tower speakers? If so, you will want to try to find some NOS speakers on the internet, or consider upgrading to something new. The KM6500.2 might work in your stock cans, giving you HLCD performance without changing out cans. A few goys have tackled the swap from the stock Roswell setup to the KM6500.2 so it can be done. YOu would just have the little dome tweeters dangling, or you might figure out a way to cut them off and polish up the cut. YOu have options for sure.

    As for adding a sub, without buying a big expensive amp, consider adding a ZX400.1 for the sub and then get either the raw KM10 woofer to go into a custom enclosure, or use the SKM10 subwoofer enclosure which takes the KM10 and throws it in a waterproof enclosure... You can add two subs on that amp and get its full 400 watts out as well!

    Let me kow what you think what you want to do further and I can help guide you!


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    Thank you Phil... Pardon my ignorance but what are NOS speakers? Also, will the KM6500.2's work well with my current ZX200.4 amp? You mentioned the dome tweeters dangling... Do you mean the current ones mounted to the cans? They look like they are just plastic screwed onto the can... Unless I am misunderstanding (which I probably am) One more thing... Is it possible to get replacement grilles anywhere? the 4 on my tower dont match. 2 are silver 2 are more gold and one of the grilles in the bow is broken... Thanks so much for your help!

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