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    What products do all you veteran owners recommend to us new or about to be owners. My new boat is red, Ive seen alot of oxidized reds on the water, and I don't want to be one of them. Ive used Meguiars on previous boats, but was wondering if anybody had any thoughts or opinions on better stuff to try. Thanks

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    I have a yellow mobius LSV that's an 03 model, sits on a covered lift but still get's a lot of sun. We wax it 2-3 times per year and also wipe it down after every trip and spray on 303 which I think really helps keep it from fading when it's in the sun. Make sure to really wipe it dry when you bring it out of the water or you will get water spots. We use ducky to remove any spots that do show up.

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    i'm also interested in knowing how to clean the boat -do you guys use car wash soaps? what about detailing to remove scuffs and marks? can i just use my portercable polisher w/ the same products used on the car (polish, swirl remover)?

    i've got the '04 sunset orange mobius lsv and don't want it to fade.

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