Thank you group Buy. I have installed the new Fultion F2 Jack and Love it. Below is the Quick How too.

9/16 racket and 9/16 socket.
5/8 bit (for drilling out screw hole in the adapter plate just in case you want to go back.)
Hex Key set. I do not know the size.
About 2 beers.

How Too:
Remove old jack. Single nut in the center of the jack behind the shaft.
If you want to keep the option to put on the old jack again you will need to drill a hole in the center of the adaptor plate. Use the inside holes to find the center of the plate. I just drew a line between the holes and where it made an X is where I started my hole. I went with a 5/8 to give a little play and used a drill press with some oil to lube it up.
Install the adaptor plate using the Hex bolts and the nuts attached to the hex bolts. You will use the inside holes.

Next is put the jack on and install the normal bolts. The Adaptor plate is pre traded

The final step is to sit back and enjoy a few beers since this project takes less than 10 min if you have all the parts. In my case I had to go to Home Depot to get a 5/8 drill bit and more beer.