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ps: KG; did you just redo your tower last season? I've spoke to so many guys about boats it makes my head spin. I thought you put some kyrpts up there. Whatch thinking... why change? If I got my info wrong, no disrespect. was just curious.
Yea, I did. Then you went off and sold Dusty a killer tower setup. LOL. At brostock I could just feel him wishing he had his setup. Plus we have a pretty heavy wakeboard cove (close to 10 wakeboats) during the heat of the summer. We occasionally hang out with a group of them and my music always got trumped by a Wetsounds 3some setup. Plus, I'm just ready for the stereo stuff to be finished.

I've been looking/thinking alot about a Rev 10 or XM9 setup. Of course it all has to go through the boss and its the "more expensive" part that is the hangup. LOL. However, after a weekend of mine and Dustys boat being together she said she thought we needed something more on the tower ... so we will see. My cans are sold and I'll be looking to sell the 4 Krypt speakers and likely the JL amps that pushed them.