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    Default Pics of the "Exiled Supra".....finally!

    Welp, I have been trying to get some pics together since the beginning of June and I finally got around to it. Here's what I ended up doing:

    2 pair Exile Sxt65's
    1 Pair Exile Xm7's
    3 Pair Exile Sx65's
    1 Exile Xi12
    Exile 1500.1 for sub
    Exile 800.4 for Sx65s
    Exile Harpoon for Tower
    Exile Throttle Box
    Custom Build Sub Enclosure
    Krypt KMA-4200
    Hidden Hardwired Inverter
    Dual Chargers
    Dedicated 3 battery Stereo Bank
    Led's to light everything up inside
    Custom Tower Led's
    Custom Lightbar for night surfing

    Hopefully I will have an 800.4 on the way to split the load from the Harpoon on the tower. I have been working a ton with Brian in doing a "Texas Heat Test" to see what it takes to shut the Harpoon down, what levels, how long etc. As a result, the 800.4 will be the last addition.

    Here we go...lot's of pics.

    The Hybrid

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