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    ps: KG; did you just redo your tower last season? I've spoke to so many guys about boats it makes my head spin. I thought you put some kyrpts up there. Whatch thinking... why change? If I got my info wrong, no disrespect. was just curious.
    Yea, I did. Then you went off and sold Dusty a killer tower setup. LOL. At brostock I could just feel him wishing he had his setup. Plus we have a pretty heavy wakeboard cove (close to 10 wakeboats) during the heat of the summer. We occasionally hang out with a group of them and my music always got trumped by a Wetsounds 3some setup. Plus, I'm just ready for the stereo stuff to be finished.

    I've been looking/thinking alot about a Rev 10 or XM9 setup. Of course it all has to go through the boss and its the "more expensive" part that is the hangup. LOL. However, after a weekend of mine and Dustys boat being together she said she thought we needed something more on the tower ... so we will see. My cans are sold and I'll be looking to sell the 4 Krypt speakers and likely the JL amps that pushed them.
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    The thing about me is ill tell ya straight and i dont think i ever once said my hybrid was louder then my 4xm7s lol. Now at surf distance they sound amazing and i have no real complaints except they really need more volume. I think maybe part of the problem is my in boat setup is so loud and clean the tower is battleing them. IDK maybe i need to aim the tower up a little more idk. I can say it was never lacking enough over the summer to make me skip a day on the lake to goto Exile and have it looked at. I did get the system retuned mid summer and that made a huge difference in my in boat sound.

    I wasnt sure what to point the finger at as my entire tower was new this year, and all my amps had been replaced new this year also. Only thing not new was the cabin speakers. This next season im not sure what gear im running like i said in a previous post. I might be ripping the entire system out of the boat and go with some else new and improved who knows lol. Luckly i have a standing order from my other half, thats Go Big or Go Home. She will tell me if she thinks out boat isnt the best sounding and loudest on the lake and when she surfs, everyone knows theres a Mexican in the water because she prefers to listen to Shakira and like its all in Spanish LOL.
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    When we have done the hybrid we definitely used dual amplifiers. I just don't like loading any amplifier down to 1.33 ohms unless it is an amplifier that is biased specifically for that load and purpose. You will get a little more overall power when you drop the load from 2.0 to 1.33 ohms but you will not have as much power to each indivdual speaker as you did before. Why? Because amplifiers are not like resistors or DC lightbulbs after an unlimited supply and do not exactly follow Ohm's Law.
    So you can run another 2-channel or bridge a 4-channel to the single pair of HLCDs within the hybrid. The bridged 4-channel is equal to or greater power for that purpose and more cost-effective. And, don't forget that the second tower amplifier affords you more control on the fly between the HLCD and surf speakers for different scenerios whether at rest, surfing or wakeboarding.
    Rather than a hybrid consisting of a mix of six 6.5" speakers, you have the option of going with four larger 8" HLCDs like the XM9s. You have a slight edge in the collective surface area with the XM9s which directly equates to more output volume using the same amplifier power. Its less expensive to properly power without thermal issues. Fifty pair of 6.5" speakers don't play lower than a single pair. They just play louder. But a larger driver and pod with an inherent and lower midbass cut-off point will have a more robust midbass. And the larger HLCDs will have more lower midrange content. They simply sound much less like a typical HLCD as you go larger and there is less need for a hybrid mix to moderate the over the top treble of a smaller HLCD.
    Both sound good and both play loud.

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