I'm having the following issues trailering my boat.

1. If I position the trailer with the top of the fenders just above the top of the water line I can barely get the front of the boat to the front stop/roller. It seems that I need to use a combination of throttle and hand winch to get the bow on the roller (not very save). If I try to use just the hand winch, it seems to hard to slide the boat up to the stop. I just broke the strap yesterday winching it up. The strap seamed pretty worn/weathered at the end. Just bought a new strap today.

2. If I position the trailer deeper in the water, top of fenders below water line, it's easy to power, or winch the boat on to the trailer, but the rub rail hits the front stop and I have to move the trailer out of the water some. The front stop seems to high.

Anyone else run across this issue? If so what is the fix?

Would there be some sort of link to a website explaining any adjustments required to resolve this issue?