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    Default need help with tower speaker problem

    Yesterday on the lake I noticed that my two left tower speakers were not working. All of the other speakers in the boat along with the two right tower speakers are working fine. I checked the connections at the amp and all are tight, fuses in amp are good and i cannot figure out what I need to do to get them back on.

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    Make sure that the RCA cables at the back of the head-unit and at the tower amp are fully seated. Next, swap the left and right RCA leads at the amp and see if the problem moves with the left lead or stays with the left chnl.

    If the problem stays, its between the amp and the speakers. if the problem moves, its between the RCAs at the amp and the head unit. Go to the back of the head-unit as swap them there.

    If the problem seems to be amp, speaker wiring or speakers, then get a volt/ohm meter as it will help in the next step. If one is not handy, then swap the speaker left and right outputs and see if the problem again moves or stays. If the right speakers, now hooked to the left chnl, do not work, you know its an amp chnl problem. It the left speakers, now hooked to the known to be working right chnl, still do not work, then its down to the wiring and speakers. Heres where the ohm meter will make it easy to tests the continuity of the wiring and speaker circuit as a whole.

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