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    Default Exile xm7s

    Well I blew my Samson Doubls 7s ( focal speakers) so I am ordering 4 xm7s. Now I have 2 amps I can use.

    Should I run my kicker 225 x 2 at 2 ohms rms OR

    My MTX mono class d 1500 watts at 1 ohm and wire the 4 xm7s all parallel to get 1 ohm mono?

    What would be better??
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    Acme 1433, 750lbs Sacs in Rear, GG 1180 (fills to about 700) Sac in Center Locker, 650 lbs Nose bag.

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    Is the MTX mono amp capable of reproducing anything above 200 HZ or so? Since it's designed to drive a sub the frequency range it can reproduce may be limited so it would not sound good driving full range speakers.

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    Go with the Harpoon.

    The Kicker is not enough to sufficiently power two pair of XM7 IMO.

    The MTX would have to be a full-range amp to even be considered.

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    Morgan - Harpoon all the way. If you want a tuning chart for the Harpoon amplifier take a look on our site or shoot me a PM.

    The monoblock is for the sub.

    The kicker could be used for 1 pair very well. but would under power two.

    The harpoon will give you lots power for 2 pair of xm7's

    Exile Audio

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