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Amps can and will be hot to the touch, but that in itself doesnt mean they are going into protect mode due to their internal temp. You have 2 identical amp, but both may be used differently. Are they both going into protect mode at the same time? If so, I would look into something other then heat, like battery voltage. Is this a problem with the engine running or while at anchor or both? What gauge amp cabling is used for both amps?

How many speakers is each amp driving? Is the sub a 2 or 4 ohm load at the amp? Are the amps bolted directly to a carpeted wall?
Amp 1 powers 6 cabins and 1 factory kicker 10" (I don't know ohm) Gain is set at around 80% 6ga wires
Amp 2 powers 2 XM9s. Gain is set at around 80% 2ga wires (honestly, I could prolly not jam out as hard as I do on the towers to help this amp :/)
Both amps are sitting directly on carpeted amp rack. (Should've thought about adding spacers, but didn't *banging head)
It happens parked and while surfing. Not real often and only if we crank it super loud during a song and forget to turn it back down. They are going into "Protection" (as the little red light is on). I haven't had them both shut off at the same time tho, it's usually just one or the other. Then I just turn those speakers all the way down, leaving the others still going and after about one song the other speakers are back to normal.

It's not a SERIOUS problem since its not like every 20mins but it is frustrating for sure and if its a simple fix that I can handle myself then I will attempt it, but if it requires pulling everything back out then I will just live with it til the end of season. I'm bout spent out on Mods already this year and just ready to enjoy the water!!!

Thanks for the reply, good sir