The current Apple selection is as follows:
15" Unibody Macbook pro
11" Macbook air
iPhone 3g (work) -- to be replaced with an iPhone 5
iPhone 4 (personal)
iPod Video 80g (in my boat)
iPod Nano Gen 1
iPod Nano Gen 5
iPod Shuffle Gen 3

13" Macbook
iPhone 4
iPod Shuffle Gen 1
iPod Nano 3rd Gen
Looking at adding a 27" iMac for home office and photo editing

13" Macbook
iPhone 3G -- holding out for the iPhone 5
iPod Nano 5th gen

13" Macbook
iPhone 4
iPod Video 30 gig
iPod Nano 5th gen

Been using Macs heavily since 1996. Current job is a PC shop, but I just ported everything over to my personal Mac and have been responsible for about 10% of our campus following suit. IT hates us but that said, we rely on them for nothing.

Out of commission / sold:
Power Mac 6100
iMac (original)
2 Mac Minis
2 G4 towers (blue/grey)
13" Macbook
Shuffle gen 1, Shuffle gen 3, 2 iPod Mini, iPhone 3g