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    Default Prop Shaft Coupler Removal

    Here is a spare prop shaft and coupler I have and will show the coupler removal.

    Tools 5/8" wrenches
    3/16" allen wrench
    1 1/16" or 1" socket
    13/16" socket

    1. unscrew allen holding screw on coupler
    2. remove 5/8" coupler bolts
    3. push coupler away from vdrive and insert 1 or 1 1/16 socket and loosen coupler shaft bolt
    4. insert 13 /16 socket over shaft between shaft and vdrive plate , reinstall 2 coupler bolts and tighten slowly 1/16 turn at a time to pop coupler free from shaft.
    5. remove coupler bolts, unscrew coupler shaft bolt, slide coupler off WATCH FOR COUPLER SHAFT KEY.

    you will want to use shallow sockets due to space between coupler and vdrive but the illustration below gives you the idea

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