The original thread got sidetracked so I thought it may be best to have a new, updated thread with the correct information.

Date: July 15-17 Weekend

Location: Bethy Creek Resort / Trinity River - Trinity, TX.

Event: Having some boats get together for a weekend of boarding, surfing, cable park, etc and good times with friends.

Who: Anybody and everybody. Bring your Moomba/Supra/Whatever you got and lets hit the water.

We will be arriving Friday and staying until Sunday afternoon.

rdlangston is the original creator of this event and I will be on his boat. We already have our cabins booked and will be there. Not sure on their availability on cabins at this point, but they do offer tent camping and RV's. Bethy Creek also has a cable park for anyone interested in that.

Please let us know who plans to attend this event as we will try and get some good rates on cable rides, etc.