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    Default Drive shaft packing nut, Custom made wrenches!!!

    All, I recently re-packed my drive shaft nut and I was having issues finding the tools to tighten the packing nut and jam nut. My 2005 Mobius LSV the packing nut is 1-15/16" & the jam nut is 1-13/16. My choices were to buy two new wrenches @ $60-$80 a piece and cut them to fit in the hull so I could adjust and tighten them on the water. I ended up getting some custom wrenches made out of 1/4" plate steel, they arenít too fancy but they work great and were only $80 for the pair. If there is anyone is interested in getting copies of mine made or need a different sized pair made let me know. I can have them made and shipped within a week or two. I will post pictures of the actual wrenches later this evening.
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    2005 Moomba Mobius LSV

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