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Thread: Goodbye Ed!

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    Default Goodbye Ed!

    Good luck in all you do! Look me if you ever get up my way!

    Happy boating.

    PWI as usual...

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    Ed is leaving the forum?
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    Not sure if this means you are leaving for good or what, but I truly hope not.
    Didn't get a chance to meet ya unfortunately, wish I had the opportunity but alas only have been on here for a little over a year.

    Live easy and keep rocking the Van Halen!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deafgoose View Post
    Ed is leaving the forum?
    looks like it all his posts and comments have been remove, what a shame.

    Ed. good luck. you were the first one to welcome me to the family and have provide invaluable info over the years. unfortunately a mild spat over mod powers have driven you away. i would never have thought about surfing if it was not for you championng the cause..

    your insights will be missed.
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    Ed has deleted all his friends, deleted all postings and cleaned everthing out of the staff section.

    So your post count and searching for threads may/will be affected.

    Ed, I for one am really sorry its come to this and will miss you
    Hey, Its Moomba time

    Its all about the dash - enjoy the dash, as that is your time between the dates
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    He was a nice enough guy, but way too moody for my likes. It had to take forever to delete all that stuff, what a massive waste of time.

    So has his moderator status been revoked as well? lol
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    I enjoyed ed and had some good conversations with him. it's too bad it came to this. I would have loved to have made it back to florida and met him, but I have to say honestly, I won't miss him as a mod. as a poster and champion of the moomba cause? heck ya, he will be missed

    and again with the deleting? kind of too bad as some of the threads he had were full of valuable info, such as the tow rig thread.. that's pretty lame and, honestly, part of the problem of his mod status...
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    this may be highly inappropriate right now and i have no hard feeling towards ed but this is just too funny in my mind to pass up....


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    too bad it came to this.. but I had to bite my tongue/keyboard.. many times. Ed was a great champion for Moomba, moomba events, wakesurfing, etc.
    BUT, did have a history and habit of snapping off some rude/short comments.
    and a bit of a control issue sometimes..

    Hate this went this far.. but I have always preferred this forum over Wakeworld because there has ALWAYS been infighting on WW and you fear making any posts for getting blasted.. although, on WW, the group is large enough that when a good mistake is made, there is a bit of a pile on! When you read.. get the popcorn ready.. that means there's about to be a good movie..

    I believe most everyone in here was too polite to pile on.. and maybe if you did, the threads got cleaned up....

    Best to you Ed. Sorry it came down to this..

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    Ed is the reason I'm buying a Moomba instead of another brand.

    I met him last November when he was up here for his mother's funeral.

    He was wearing a Moomba jacket and I started chatting with him.

    The guy ought to be a paid Skiers Choice Representative.

    His enthusiasm for the brand is off the hook.

    I believe this board will not be better off without him.

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