Hey guys now that we have the off topic section I figured it's time to get your brew on- better start thinking about those robust dark beers in order to give them ample time to season before winter. My amarillo honey IPA turned out so good I just ordered ingredients for my smoked honey porter- this will be different than anything I've brewed before but I'm hoping it will keep me warm while I'm sitting around next January dreaming about the moomba.
Here's the run down-

6# Northern Brewer dark LME
1# Northern Brewer dark DME
2# Weyermann cherrywood smoked malt
1/2 # simpson's dary crystal malt
1/2# simpson's chocolate malt
2# clover honey

2 oz Cluster pellet hops bittering
1/2 oz columbus pellet hops bittering
1 oz cascade pellet hops aroma

Ringwood ale yeast activator

Who else is brewing out there and whatcha brewing?