The boat: 2001 MobiusV, 22ft
Old setup: Single Rule 1100 pump, various bags from 400-1100, handheld T-1200 pump
Fill times: Way to freakin long... Like a full half hour to switch surf sides. And a pain in the ass with the handheld setup doing most of the work.

I've been researching and working on this for most of late Winter and early Spring now and have neared completion so it's time to post up the proof. After gutting my old setup the only existing parts I had to work with was a Rule 1100 pump in the bilge area and a switch on the dash that would go away.

I wanted a "turn key" system that would fill and drain fast and at the flip of a switch while we get riders ready, listen to tunes, toss back a few cold frosties, whatever. I also wanted to maximize my wake size for surfing since it's my favorite thing to do on the boat.

With that in mind I started drawing up a bunch of different possibilities and asking questions, looking at other posts, etc. Talked to several of you on here, pinged WakeMakers a few times, got Newty drunk enough to pick his brain for a few hours one night, and finally got it all figured out.

Shopping list:
5 - Tsunami 1200 pumps
1 - 1" bronze thru hull
1 - 1" ball valve
1 - 1" T-splitter, threaded
2 - 1" NPT to hose barb fittings
1 - 1" intake nipple fitting
3 - 1" stainless thru hulls
1 - 3/4" stainless thru hull (actually for my bilge pump)
8 - Attwodd 3902 straight fittings
3 - 1" vented loops
3 - 1" check valves
90ft - premium 1" ballast hose
Shitload of 1" hose clamps - I lost count but in the 50 range I'd guess...
3 - 1" hose barb T fittings
9 - Fly High W743 fittings
9 - Fly High W746 fittings
2 - T-1200 Pump mount brackets
3 - Ballast switches for fill/drain
3 - in-line fuses
24ft - 16ga 4 wire insulated loom (rear pumps)
12ft - 16ga 2 wire insulated loom (front drain pump)
Bunch of water tight wire connectors
1 - 3.5" x 6" hunk of black ABS for switch plate
Miscellaneous stainless screws, wire ties, and probably a few other things I forgot.

Ballast Bags:
2 - 1100 Fly Highs
1 - 750 Fly High
2 - 400 Fly Highs

Total Cost: ~ $900

(I had all but one of the 1100 bags that I still needed to purchase to complete the setup. Otherwise the cost would have been a bit more.)