Well, I finally got it started and let me tell ya, there is not alot of room in these boats. Rather than trying to wax poetically about the trials and tribualtions I thought I would share some pictures. Originally I had planned on using only 2 intakes for 4 Johnson pumps but after talking with Jason at Wakemakers he kind of talked me out of it as the intakes will not supply both pumps the required amount of water.

So even though I had already replaced the original scupper intake and added a second intake I know had to figure out how to get 2 more in there. I also want to add in the raw water strainer for the engine intake so I ended up doing this:

3 intakes on the starboard side and 1 on the port.

Here is another picture with the intakes, shut off valves and 1" hose attachments in place:

I almost crapped my pants when I drilled the 1st pilot hole beside the existing one as I had forgotten to take into account the scupper on the bottom (I removed the orignal and replaced it with a true 1" scupper to cover the holes) but luckily it fit absolutely perfect: (whew!)

Here is the other side:

More to follow.