Our 2006 LS has leaking 'Muffler's..due to a very quick overheating once. No engine damage but mufflers have small water leaks at forward location & a lousy sounding drone at low to mid revs.

Our Chris craft 1955 Woody has a 283 w/ 2-1/2" ID flexible rubber w/ steel coil exhaust hose purchased from Jamestown Distributors in RI. They have all the sizes, multitude of boat stuff, & great prices. The CC is loudbut not a harsh bark as the rubber attenuates the exhaust note a bit.

I believe the Moomba exhaust is also deeper/closer to transom bottom and below the swim pad to perhaps assist in quieting the exhaust. If I cant fix the mufflers w/ epoxy resin repair, Im going the exhaust hose route next spring.