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    Hello Moomba Owners... I have a 2004 Moomba Outback with the 5.7 and wanted to know how easy it is to upgrade from carburated to an EFI system. If you have any suggestions or information on a complete conversion kit etc... Please drop me a note. I searched online but found limited information.

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    The money spent would not be worth the conversion. You would probably be better off selling your and then buying a boat that has EFI.
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    I havnt herd of a marine type industry one.

    The main problem you run into is getting past the O2 sensor EFI needs to control the fuel ratios. Boats use a computer to preset these curves as they dont use emissions. If your handly with a laptop and understand the fuel curves and can work your way threw it i dont see why you cant.

    I would look into getting a Racing or Off road set up as these wont need emissions and should delete the O2 sensor.

    What i saw for pricing was around 1K to do it as a do it your self kit. You will be running a throttle body setup with the injectors inside it. You will need to make sure you can continue to use the cast iron intake for these as most require an Aluminum intake and those arnt so good on a marine engine.
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