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I know I am reviving an old thread but I am trying to make a decision on which prop to buy for my '07 LSV. I've been debating between the ACME 1433 AND ACME 1847. The only difference between the 2 is the 1433's cup is .105 and the 1847's cup is .150. We have recently gotten into surfing so have added 1,100's in the rear lockers and 750 IBS but we also wakeboard, ski, kneeboard and unfortunately tube. Anybody have any experience with both of these props that could give me some advise as to which one would be a better fit for me???
Try the 1433, then pay a prop shop $50-$100 to cup it to .150. You can re pitch a prop + or - 2" and add cup or taketh away. Once you have the right diameter (biggest = best: I have the 2315 (15x12 on my 08 LSV) there's no reason to ever buy a new prop.

Of course ACME, OJ and wakemakers don't want you to know that.

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