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So you are saying its for people that are worried there will be clearance issues?

Surely it is the same performance as the 1235? When buying, I was told it was the one to buy at the time (this is prior to the 1617 coming out). I have been happy with it but just always see the 1235 pop up with no mention of the 1433.
Yes i think you are correct in the only real difference in clearence.

Yes i do think the 1617 is a newer prop that came out to combat the ballast systems people are running. Its very simular and really other then it being quite compared to my OJ i only felt a difference when the boat was loaded down.

My buddy said he feels like it pulls harder from a stop at the end of the rope and this maybe true as this year was the first year i ran it and also the first time i have injured my shoulder getting pulled up from a stop.

Normally i would have let go with a hard pull, but i was also determined to get wake skatting down and the board i was using is a PITA to get up on. So i was holding for dear life and didnt want to let go LOL