Last spring, I tested three props - the stock OJ prop, the OJ wakeboard prop, and the Acme 537 which falls in between the stock and the wakeboard prop. Below is a link to that post and the dialogue that ensued.

After that test, I went with the Acme 537 and used that prop all summer. It met all my performance requirements until one day late in the summer. That day, I had all my ballast full (1300#'s), had 6-7 adults on board, and was trying to pull up a wakeboarder. We got him up, but it took a while. That was when I found the limits of the 537 and since that day, I've been thinking about a new prop.

I didn't want the OJ wakeboard prop because in my tests, it lost 4 mph on the top end and because it growls at low speeds as many people have commented. It also turns more rpms at all speeds resulting in poor fuel efficiency all the time. The 1235 is out because it's overkill and there is supposedly a trailer clearance issue witht he LSV. The 1433 is the next choice but I would have the same issue with this prop as with the OJ wakeboard prop - too many rpms and higher fuel consumption all the time. Which brings me to the little known 1847, which is the same diameter (14") and pitch (14.25") as the 1433 but has more cup (0.150" vs 0.105"). According to Jim at Acme, the additional cup has the effect of almost an inch of additional pitch on the top end with negligible loss of holeshot on the bottom end. And it turns fewer rpms than the 1433 at the same speed. Sounds good to me and wakemakers (who also sells props but the way) is just down the road from me and they happend to have one in stock, and Spencer said I could try it out and if didn't like it, could bring it back for a full refund. So I picked it up Friday and tested it today.

Below is the updated prop results form with the 1847's performance data added. The testing conditions were almost identical as last spring so the comparisons are valid. Only difference is that last year, my 14 year old son was with me (he weighed about 100 lbs) whereas this year, it was just me in the boat. The numbers speak for themselves. I didn't bother testing it with ballast as I know it will have more pull than I will ever need. Needless to say, I am keeping this prop and will be posting my Acme 537 and my stock OJ in the classifieds soon.