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    Default New Carpet Install

    Let me preface this by stating this this is not a job for the faint of heart!

    For reference this is an 08' LSV.

    Fairly easy if you are patient and take your time.

    Fist thing I did was remove the carpet from the floor panels and trim them with a grinder to help make the panels sit more flush with the floor and allow the ballast hose to flow freely.

    I then used a very sharp razor to cut the carpet around the seat bases, then removed the carpet.

    Next unscrewed I all the cast aluminum brackets that hold the seat bases to the floor. Then I pre measured and cut 2x4's. I raised the seat bases and dash up about 1/2" with a small floor jack. I held the bases up with the 2x4's

    Note: make sure you take the screws out of the engine/locker dividers as they are attatched to both.

    I made sure to scrape all the glue and carpet left-overs off with a putty knife.
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