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    Quote Originally Posted by flex View Post
    hahaha.....yes it works!! because if it doesn't & i have to spend more $$, i'm gonna owe my wife a more than a couple of david yurman rings.

    i have it in a ported box under the helm.
    Cool. Let us know how it runs after this weekend... Get a status report uploaded. Over and out....


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    Quote Originally Posted by flex View Post
    it's the 6500.2 set up with no extra mids. the amp was an addition to run a 10" sub & 4 polk db651's; one ch per speaker. the amp ran fine last year & this yr until i installed the 6500.2.
    it is mounted to carpet on wall under the spotter seat.
    the wire is 4 ga.
    the internal crossover on the speakers is set to 0db.
    the gain on the amps are just past the mid way mark; sorry i'm on iphone updated post & not at home to look. i can look this eveing.

    let me know if i need to look at anything else.
    Gain is a bit too high for my liking. Back them down to the 11 oclock position (not quite half way) if the problem still is present.

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