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    Default gave the trailer some love yesterday

    well, I have been amassing parts all winter to work on the trailer this spring. finally got a nice day yesterday and did a little bit of work...

    thanks to seadek for the bulk sheets. removed the old trailer treadsteps and replaced them with this. was easy to do, cost me less than $80 and looks great

    replaced the winch and jack with new fulton units. like them, but 2 words of advice on the jack. buy the single wheel version, not the dual, harder to steer and def. keep in mind it won't raise the tongue as high on the trailer. it appears to be about 2" short of the original factory jack. going to have to get a different drop hitch this week, but it's probably time to replace mine. ball is very worn.

    and finally, replaced the block lettering on the side for the boat registrations. found a website and ordered new lettering back in october last year. finally put it on and I really like it. not quite an exact match to the tribal, but close enough..

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    nice trailer luv, like the orange tire blocks, definitey ties it all together.
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    Looks really good! I use my trailer so rarely that I never think about updates to it, but I really would like to change the jack.
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    Looks Great. And I'm a fan of the orange as well.
    You'll have to let us know how the seadek holds up on the trailer over time!

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    Looks really nice man, i bet it felt good to finally pull her out of the garage for a little sun.
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