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    Default 2006 Moomba Outback Fuel Problems

    It takes forever to fill my boat up with gas and the bad thing is it only holds 13-14 Gallons everytime. I run the boat till it says (E) Empty but it seems like it should have a bigger tank than that. I've only had the boat since July 2010 and probally ran it till it read empty 6-7 times, but never actually ran out of gas. A friend of mine has a Moomba LSV and he said once his reads Empty it still has around 20gals left, I find it hard to beleive him but he's had his boat for 3yrs now. I was wondering if mine is the same way, or how big my tank actually is....on my boat. Call me dumb but I don't want to ride around after it reads empty to see how long it takes to run out.

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    Id pull the sending unit. Make sure the float doesnt have a hole in it causing it to fill with gas and sink to the bottom making it to read empty. Once you have the sending unit out you can move the float up and down and watch the operation of the gauge.

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    Mine will show "Empty" with about 5 to 7 gallons left in the tank, but it doesn't take an unusual amount of time to fill.
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    Boat gas gauges are notorious for being unreliable. So don't rely on it. Here's a plan for you that will require keeping a notebook for a while but will make your life much easier.

    1. Start with the "button" at the top of this page that says "About Moomba", and hover over it- then click on "Archive". On the next page below the pic at the top you'll see a strip that says "Models:" and lists years. Hover over 2006 and then click on your model. You'll see the specs. If you have an Outback LS, it shows your fuel capacity is 34 gallons.

    2. Top off your fuel tank before you head out and write down the hours showing on the clock. Next time you fill up note the number of gallons and the hours.

    3. Do this each time for the next 6-7 times out. You will learn how much fuel you typically burn in an outing and what your average gal/hr. rate is.

    4. Assuming you top off each time before heading out you will know pretty closely how many hours you can stay out before having to refuel. When you get close to 30 gal. used it's time to head in.

    5. Good luck!

    PS- make sure you don't have a blockage or obstruction in your tank vent that makes it hard for the tank to vent air as you add fuel.

    Edit: Looks like the Outback is 28 gal and the OB LS is 34.
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