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    Default Easy and Cheap Storage Modification

    I like storage space and this is something I have done on other boats. You need 4" PVC pipe with the bell end (I have a place that will sell it to me by the foot), a 4" PVC cap and a 4" deck plate. The 4" PVC pipe is a tiny over 5" i.d. at the bell end. Use a 5" hole saw and cut your hole. Insert pipe and then put cap on. Then glue the deck plate to the pvc pipe and screw the face to the mounting location. Since the back of the v-drive box is sloped and the pipe can not come out I did not secure it additionally. I plan to put one of these in the walk through going under the dash. This is a grat place for storing boat documents that you want to keep dry. The ones in the pictures are about 14" deep. Total cost for the two compartments in the pictures less the $30.00.
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