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    Default will hook you up dustin..

    I had no issues with the length that skiers provided. I did have to pull a few of the hoses out and re-route them, but the length was perfect
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    Ok - lots of guys chiming in on the issue of the kinking of lines when bags are full and not being able to drain.

    Any thoughts or opinions on which type of 3/4" or 1" hose is more study and resistant to flattening out or kinking? I'm real curious as I'll be ordering close to 100ft here soon and haven't been able to compare them side by side yet.

    Regular black hose

    Premium type coil hose

    Clear braided
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    Default Premium type coil hose

    Premium type coil hose hands down, I installed 3' of clear braided and it kinked. Had to shorten er up, I wish I could find some 3/4 coil hose local but no luck.
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    I have some 1" spa hose that is pretty stiff and I don't think I could kink it if I wanted to.
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