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    Quote Originally Posted by ian ashton View Post
    Why did you get a new platform, Mike?
    The original cracked across the bottom where the black under the deck meets the colored gell coat.

    Now I have 2 platforms so I'm tempted to cut the rear lip off my old one and try it for surfing. There's lots of chatter about the lip hurting the wave but I know I need the deck on the boat as taking it off makes the wave nasty.

    We will see how it works out lol

    Eighter way I'll use it as wall art in the garage.
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    We took the platform completely off and set it on the sun deck one day surfing and didn't notice any noticable difference in the wave size or cleanliness. I was suprised honestly. I would give that a shot before cutting anything just to make sure it's worth your time.
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