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    I am looking to purchase a SEADEK in the next 3-5 days if a group buy pops up I am in!
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    Quote Originally Posted by deafgoose View Post
    Does anyone have a valid coupon code for Seadek?
    Have you tried MOOMBA15 thats what I used when I ordered mine but that was back in April...
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    Here was the response from SeaDek posted earlier in this thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jaysurf View Post
    Hey guys,

    First I just want to say that the Moomba forum was one of the first to really get behind SeaDek in a big way and we haven't forgotten that. You guys have helped us to learn a lot about our products and brought us to the attention of a lot of other people in the industry and continue to be a valuable resource. I keep an eye on the forum pretty regularly and always find something interesting in the threads.

    In regard to group buys and our recent policy change. When we first started the group buys we were only dealing with on or two groups a month and while back and forth emails and organizing of individuals information was a bit time consuming, it wasn't overwhelming. Since then however our situation has changed a bit.

    First, we've grown. Thanks to people like you, other owners forums have learned about us and instead of one or two group buys a month from one forum we are getting a dozen group buy requests from lot's of forums like yours. That means organizing, coordinating and answering questions from hundreds of people, sometime working through the group leader and sometimes directly with the individuals and as you can imagine things quickly deteriorate from a "group buy" into a bunch of individual orders thus nullifying the original idea of a group buy all together. This has overwhelmed our internal resources which we are still rebuilding after the damage done by the cuts we had to make during the down turn in the marine industry. Because of this we ended the group buy program, at least for the time being.

    Secondly, we try to match pad to boat info as best we can but it is hard to verify all the different model years to swim platform outlines definitively. Many manufacturers use the same platform for different boats and then we find some boats of the same model year get different platforms. We ask that each customer we work with verify the dimensions of their platform compared to the pad we are producing for them so that we can be sure the pad is going to fit before it goes out the door. Early on we had to remake a lot of pads because we made assumptions about sizing. Making a pad, shipping it to a customer and then having to make a new one and trash the old one because it didn't fit isn't a good business model and doesn't make for happy customers, so now we measure twice and cut once as my Grandfather used to say.

    All that said, I'm sorry that you had a frustrating experience 07. We've built our name on customer satisfaction and don't intent to let our growth effect that. As a U.S. manufacturer we take a lot of pride in our product and our loyalty to our customers and their support. I am creating a discount code for 15% off all orders place online or over the phone from today until April 15th. The code is: MOOMBA15. Enter this code during checkout on the store or just give it to us when you call in your order.

    Also, just to clarify, we are not currently supplying Moomba with product. I believe they have chosen to work with another supplier but I'm not sure who. You'll have to check with the factory.

    Thanks you guys again for all your support. If there is ever anything I can do personally to assist you in the future don't hesitate to drop me an email:

    Al the best,

    Jason Gardner
    VP Advertising
    SeaDek, Inc.
    485 Gus Hipp Blvd.
    Rockledge, FL 32955

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