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    Default New Orleans Mission Trip

    Hi everybody. I mentioned the mission trip to New Orleans I'm doing with my 2 oldest sons this summer on another thread, and I've had quite a bit of inquiry about it, so I figured I'd start my own thread about it. Thanks for all your feedback and support!!!

    There are ~45 of us going (youth & adults, ~75% youth). We'll be taking a bus there (hopefully ours will be fixed by then) on June 26th, and returning July 2nd or 3rd.

    New Orleans has one of the highest number of homeless people in the country. We'll be for sure feeding the homeless and giving them some necessities (they LOVE socks!!!), sharing the love and Word of the Lord. Never been there myself, but our youth minister has been many times. We're going thru Mission Lab ( ). Not sure what other area's we'll be serving in. I'm thinking we'll have a construction/repair/clean-up group, and a group that either helps with children or elderly.

    We've been doing fundraisers to cover the cost of trip ($300/person) and for the items we'll be giving to the homeless. It'll be my first big mission trip with my boys. We've done more local trips, and they've actaully went out of state on mission trips, but this is the first time we'll be doing a long-distance big mission trip together. We're really looking forward to it too!

    My kids & I still need to raise another $100 each. I think all the fundraisers coming up will be local stuff, meal sales, car washes, serving food at local restraunts, etc. We just did a "Wing-A-Thon", where we took pledges and ate hot-wings. Somebody would pledge $.25 to $1.00 per wing, and that was multiplied by the number of wings you could eat in 10 minutes. I had 12, my 12 year old ate 13, and my 14 year old at 23 wings! One of the other boys going got enough pledges & ate enough wings to pay for his whole trip!

    If YOU would like to be a part of this mission trip with us, whatever you'd like to give would be appreciated, whether it is to help pay the way for my sons and I or pay for things to give away. Whatever you'd like.

    If you want to give, please mail a check made out to "MFBC" and mail it to the address below. Please include a note stating that its for "New Orleans Mission Trip" and what you'd like it to go for. Include your name and address on it and our youth pastor will be sure to get you a donation reciept for your taxes next year.

    Marietta First Baptist Church
    Attn.: Brian Spearman
    PO Box 337
    Marietta, SC 29661

    Thanks again, Ryan Kelbey

    our church website:
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