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    Default Moomba Owner's Wakesurf Board Sharing Program

    Seems like we're all wanting to try out different boards, yet it also seems tough to get our hands on demo boards. I understand that a lot of the good board makers are small businesses and therefore having demo boards might be a challenge, especially if they have to cover shipping, etc.

    So, after seeing KG's post about providing a shipping label, anyone interested in putting together a pool of Moomba/Supra owners where we all contirbute some $$ to buy a set of different boards we agree on and then share throughout the season? We could then do a random drawing at the end of the season (or even next season) to see who would then be the owner of the board. If you didn't get the board you liked best, individual owners could work out swaps.

    Everyone would have to commit upfront to a schedule of when and where the current board they had would be shipped to next. Kinda round-robin style and each person would have to cover shipping cost to the next location. We could try and arrange a loop across the country so people wouldn't get jammed up having to ship from the great Northwest to Florida, or vice versa.

    Other thoughts, ideas, suggestions?
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